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I urge you to lock the door... take the phone off the hook... shut down your email, cell phone and instant messenger... grab your favorite beverage, watch this video, then study every single word on this site - because it's just that important!.

Money Maker

Ultimate Payout can generate business cycles like lighting! Even though the entry points lower, if you are at all Business Centers and teach others to do the same, you put yourself in position to make serious money.

Feeder Program

Let's say you have in main program that is a much higher starting point. Why not use Ultimate Payout as a starter funnel to "feed" into another program? Ultimate Payout can be the "kickstarter" for your members.

Stand - Alone Program

You can markets Ultimate Payout as your sole mian program and pitch it to any person, in any other money-making program. Jut think about it. Most programs have a much higher entry level and when peopler markery to prospects, many of theme will not join solely based on the cost to join.

All you have to do is find one who finds one and you get your initial purchase back! Simple

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER get talked into doing another Crash-And-Burn program again! This doesn't mean you can't make money with other structures. It just means that the others are Harder to work. I don't know about you, but I want the Easiest, Fastest way to make money and I want MAXIMUM commission. You should too! This comp plan is so Powerful yet Simple to Understand. Here's the key to fabulous money.

Get Two Who Duplicate!

Did you catch that? Did you blink? I am dead serious. It's that simple. Of course you may not find those firecracker two people on your initial try but then again UP is so simple, you may just do it.

Get two who catch the vision who get two. Then duplicate that as many times as possible. It's like taking a penny and doubling it every day. Do the math. After a while, it's incredible money.

However, we all know that you need to put effort into anything worth its salt and this is no "get-rich-quick scheme". It's a "get-rich-quicker" through systematic, effort and the compounding of effort through groups of people.

We have ELIMINATED "MOSTLY" ALL THE RISK! Any business venture that you consider, will have an element of risk involved and UltimatePayout (UP) is no different. What we have done is to have an admin fee per product level of only $10 one time. We've made it so low to keep and maximize commission for you. Get one sale who finds one sale or one sale from above who is placed below you who finds one sale and you get paid and have your money back.

UP has three levels above the initial $25 entry level. ($50, $100 and $200). We call them "financial vehicles" because they do just that... they get you to where you want to go much faster. What most members do is to take a portion of the profits and leverage it to the next higher level. Let's go over it. You make *$100 with your filled $25 matrix. Take $25 to go back into the new purchase following your sponsor. Then take $50 (from profit) to upgrade to the $50 matrix still leaving $25 net. Now you can make *$200 ($50X4) and duplicate the same system to go up to the $100 matrix thus earning *$400 ($100x4) and the $200 level which generates $800.

A Powerful System Awaits You!

We want to be honest and straight forward with you right now. All businesses take work. So, if you been feed a lazy mans approach online and expect that you can sign up


Is this Legal?

Yes. The Ultimate Payout is absolutely legal. We adhere to all state requirements and laws for home based businesses. This online program uses the direct sales approach with the powerful 2X2 compensation plan, and commissions are paid directly to their members when sales are made. The Ultimate Payout provides quality products. They are delivered online through our members area. Each member is responsible and required to report State and Federal Income Taxes. The Ultimate Payout takes pride in providing quality products, a professional website, hosting, and software tracking for its' members.

How much money can I make?

We offer unlimited income potential. Many of our members earn thousands of dollars very quickly. We cannot, however, make income projections for you. This will be due to your efforts, perseverance and marketing consistency. If you have the desire to change your financial income and take advantage of our marketing training you could generate many sales for your home-based business. This is the most powerful automated system online today and was created for novices online as well as advanced marketers. The only income limits are ones that you make on yourself.

What is a 2X2 Cycler?

A cycler is a style of compensation plan the rewards the members that work the program and does so in a very fast way. It is a "top heavy" program meaning that 100% of the commissions are on only 2 levels and each level of the 2 levels and only have two positions wide. This 2 wide and 2 deep for a total of 6 members. You get paid when anyone, at any time and any way, lands on any of your 4 bottom row positions (3-4-5 or 6). They will see you as the person to pay for the product sale and you list how you would like to pay by filling out your profile payment options in your back office. They then pay you and you mark the sale as paid. It's that simple.

Is this gifting?

No. The Ultimate Payout is not considered a "Gifting Activity". So called "Gifting Activities" have no product at all and are on the fringe of legality. Members who participate in our program sell products and get paid directly in whatever payment methods they choose.

How do I market this program?

The Ultimate Payout provides many resources for members in our state of the art back office members area. Our members area is a powerful marketing control panel and we also provide a variety of landing pages for members to choose from. We hold all live conference calls and have recorded messages; all designed to help our members explain our program for them so that they don,t have to. Marketing really comes down to being consistent in your marketing efforts and driving steady traffic to your websites where our automated systems take over.

How will I receive my payment from sales?

When you join the Ultimate Payout, you will need to fill out your back office profile and payment option information. These will show up when someone is to pay you.

How long does it take to receive my commission?

In many cases, it is the same day all depending on the method/s of payment that you choose to accept. You can actually join today, make a sale this same day and get paid. What's better than that?

Why should I choose to do all three levels quickly?

Your goal in The Ultimate Payout is to get qualified to receive payments at all 3 product Levels. You can earn more money by being at our higher levels. 90% of our members have chosen to to all levels as fast as possible in order to maximize our pay plan. Ask yourself this question: Do you want the possibility to earn a LITTLE or A LOT of money?

Are the mobile APPS in Android and iPhone formats?

The APPs are in both the Android marketplace and iPhone apple store.

What is your policy regarding stacking of members?

Stacking is where members stack dummy spots (family, sister, mother etc) in their matrices who have no intention to work the program and then build under them in an effort to not pay their upline. This is not how any program is built to work and is just not right. All people must respect the lineage. Any member seen doing this will be terminated. it's not the environment of mutual help that we have here at Ultimate Payout.

My sponsor's name on the site is not the person that referred me when I try to go to my replicated site. What do I do?

You need to clear your cookies for and/or refresh your cache by holding down SHIFT and reloading the page. You can also try a new browser.

I signed up but I have not received a welcome email?

If you are sure you entered the correct email address when you registered, you may be having our email to you being blocked. Please check your spam/junk folder and whenever possible, whitelist our domain. The information you need will be in your embers back office as well.


The Ultimate Payout's Success Is In Its Products

But before we get into the APPs, let's look at what you are getting...

Online Educational Suite (MBA w/out an MBA) ($197 value)

Motivator App Android & I-phone ($29 value)

Christian App for Android & I-Phone ($29 value)

Finance App for Android & I-Phone ($46 value)

Dr. BreakThrough APP Android & I-Phone ($49 value)

Lead Scraper Software (used to produce leads) ($199 value)

Premium Website (most charge monthly a fee) ($199 value)

Nine Professional Lead Capture Pages ($199 value)

Preset Auto-responder System 19 Msgs/49 days ($97 value)

Banner Space Advertising for your business(s) ($99 value)

Position In 2x2 Business Center w/ instant pay ($99 value)

Mentor ship (I get $500 per hour for Coaching) ($500 value)

Business Building Tools/Phone broadcasting ($500 value)

Support (Two live calls daily you, & this site) (Priceless)

Platform (If you are a speaker, author, artist, etc) (Priceless)

So let's move on...
We all know that the mobile revolution is upon us. That's why UP has taken the steps to keep on the cutting edge of technology. We have included way cool, cutting edge mobile apps for Android and iPhone for our members.

The Amazing Mobile APPs will be in your member back office once you join.

Personal Development

* site is for viewing only for members of Ultimate Payout. Members get the APP included with their UP membership.

Build Your Business From The Inside Out

Everything You Need To Get There Is Already In You, You Just Need To Figure Out Where You're Going. You Need It At Your Fingertips.

Success isn't just about having financial stability or being well-respected. It's about being happy and about not having a ton of stress and fear in your life.

The techniques in this APP won't just lead you to monetary gain; they allow you to create happiness from yourself and give you the skills to cope with bad situations.

This APP Can Touch Your Life And Even The People Around You As Well!

Changing your mind and changing your lifestyle involves improving your relationships too!

This system will help you get rid of negative influences and teach you how to use these techniques with your friends and family to produced better relationships!

Financial Literacy

* site is for viewing only for members of Ultimate Payout. Members get the APP included with their UP membership.

How Ben Franklin's Ideas Can Help You Achieve Success Online...

Even though he didn't know it, Ben Franklin solved many problems during his life time!
Ben was able to bring outside influences to a shrieking halt so that he could focus on creating, inventing, and succeeding.

He also knew how to create easy to follow steps in everything that he did so that all he had to do was follow the line.

Now let me ask you...

Could You Benefit From Ben Franklin's Highly Concentrated, Proven Effective Strategies For Focus & Success In Your Internet Business?

Sure you could! We take what Ben taught and lived and update it into today's world.
Look, Ben Franklin was a trend setter.

He was a notable musician, prolific inventor, esteemed politician, ladies man, author, printer, chess champion, etc.

Christian Inspiration
From site is for viewing only for members of Ultimate Payout. Members get the APP included with their UP membership.

Get Inspired With Christian!

Christian Motivator contains strives to inspire those of the Christian faith in many ways through our mobile APP.

It contains print teachings, sermons from esteemed speakers via video and print. These are here to inspire you. The mobile APP is in Android and iPhone formats.

Members get the APP included with their UP membership.

If you add all these up it's over $1,381.00 but you get it all for a measly $25 one-time out of pocket expense, that's a 98% discount. No admin fee, no auto ship, no gotchas! "We don't use people to build our business but rather we use our business to build people."

He has been a College Professor with a Doctorate in Divinity and a PHD in Martial Arts, a Successful Network Marketer, and now a Life and Business Trainer/Coach. He has been to the top of 6 different Network marketing or Home based business companies. He built an organization recently from 0 to 22,826 distributors in only five short months resulting in a 6 figure a month income.

He is perhaps the most entertaining, enlightening, and electrifying speaker on the circuit today. He has Co-authored 4 best selling books with people like Donald Trump, Les Brown, Suze Orman, T. Harv Eker, Zig Ziglar, Dan Kennedy etc. His 5th book is due out in two weeks entitled, " Your Break Through Is Guaranteed" subtitled 7 steps to insure your Break Through in every area of life.

The "In House" UP Banner Ad System

Every member is also able to earn banner credits when they join as well as each time they cycle and upgrade. These accumulate and be shown on your member dashboard. In their profile section they can add as many as three different banners to promote anything of their choosing. These banners will show up around the back office of the Ultimate Payout system.

This is very powerful. We realize that many members pursue other avenues of income. Thus why not here as well.

Need Help? Contact Our Support Team!

You may still have some urgent questions about the program, we would like to offer you the chance to contact us via Skype and get an immediate reply to your questions. Via Skype you can start chat sessions with our International Support Office. We will be available on Skype every working day from 10:00 AM till 10.00 PM , EST. Please Skype us at our Skype account:

Skype chat, instant message

For those of you who will not be able to reach us during this time frame or who do not wish to use Skype, please note that we are still reachable via . Moreover, if our Skype account is busy, you can also e-mail us at above mentioned e-mail address.

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